Give a helping hand for poor people


To inspire less privileged children to manifest into their full potential by giving them a first hand experience of a life of elegance and poise by leveraging collaboration and support from a wider community.


Create an environment where children can believe and become.



With a passion to help the less privileged, a desire to see children explore their destined path to grow without limits and being one who loves to see smiles on people’s faces due to random acts of kindness, Cynthia Onyinyechi Obioha founded Bloom in 2016.

Cynthia, a graduate of Covenant University, is an IT professional currently working at Facebook. Prior to that, she was a Solutions Consultant at Google Nigeria and UK. She is also a trustee at MeetANeedToday Foundation. She is a philanthropist (a common trait in her family) and is sponsoring different children through school. A hospitable and optimistic person, she believes ANYTHING is possible; this can be seen in the way she constantly encourages people around her even when chaos seems like the order of the day. “There is no harm in trying”, a statement she often makes.

Her goal for “The Bloom Party” is to put smiles on less privileged children’s faces this Christmas with a luxury-feel event by giving people, businesses and brands the opportunity to help create an even wider smile. This is the idea birthed in July 2016 on that Sunday morning in church. An amazing team of volunteers across the world bought into this idea and are working earnestly to make this day a reality. The team is also planning for life after the party for the children.

Just like a flower cultivated for beauty, breaking through the ground and other harsh conditions, the children despite their situations are made to bloom; to open out, to sprout.

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