makeawishcometrueSome bloomers are currently figuring out what they want for Christmas. We will publish more info as the rest submit so donors can claim and send in these gifts. 40 Bloomers’ wishes are listed below now. If you’d prefer to donate some money instead click on this link https://www.bloom.i.ng/donate else to buy a wishlist item, keep reading below.

If you want to buy any of the listed Bloomer’s gift, please note the “BLOOMER CODE NUMBER e.g. 001″ and fill this form. Click here for the form.  Or leave a note on the Contact Us page, OR send an email to info@bloom.i.ng mentioning the Bloomer’s code number and we will contact you.

Do you have any queries regarding the wishlist or need help with choosing a Bloomer, please send an emails to us on info@bloom.i.ng with subject “Wishlist” or fill the form on the Contact Us page.

See the 2017 Wishlist below. PS: You can also  click here to go view to the original wishlist spreadsheet in a different view.

To be notified when the list is updated, please email info@bloom.i.ng or fill the form on the Contact Us page with subject “Wishlist”.

*Bloomers: The kids (Names hidden to protect their privacy) 
Learn more about the Bloom mission and vision here 
Note that if a row is all Green, it means all child's wishes have been claimed. 
If Orange, it means some of the wishes have been claimed and the options are marked in Green