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Here’s a Christmas wishlist from our 2022 BLOOM kids. Our kids are underprivileged and have limited access to Christmas gifts. We have put together this wishlist from them to show them they are loved and valued.

If you’d like to buy a child’s wishlist item, please note the Bloomers’ ID and Name, then :

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Bloomers' IDNameGenderAgeDate Of BirthChristmas Wishlist 1Christmas Wishlist 2Christmas Wishlist 3Status
001MichelleF928-Feb-2013WristwatchEarringsShoes (EU 37)
002EmmanuellaF1126-Jun-2011ScholarshipEducational TabLaptop
003SamuelM617-May-2016School BagShoe (34)Toy Car
004ToluM1012-Sep-2012School BagDigital WristwatchSneakers (EU 37)
005EmmanuelM615-Jul-2016ComputerGuitarSpiderman Toy
006PreciousF1229-Apr-2010TabSchool BagWristwatch
007BelieveM1111-Sep-201Drawing BookWristwatchEducational Tab
008KosiF1214-May-2010LaptopPlaystationEducational Tab
009DanielM1223-Dec-2010Shoes (EU 39)BicyclePlay Station
011MercyF819-Dec-2014BicycleSchool BagMoney
012OpeyemiF602-Dec-2016Guitar (Toy)WristwatchSchool Bag
013OlayinkaF914-Feb-2013BicycleSchool BagTraveling Box
014ToyinF1226-Jan-2010Ball GownSchool BagWristwatch
015OluyemiF1306-Dec-2009Makeup KitLaptopHeadset
016FatimoF1310-Sep-2009Educational TabBluetooth Speaker with Memory CardTraveling Box
017FavourF1312-Dec-2009Nail Tech EquipmentSmart WatchTraveling Box
018AnuoluwapoF1325-Dec-2009Smart WatchHandbagTraveling Box
019DivineM1307-Aug-2009Professional CameraLaptopBluetooth Speaker with Memory Card
020DavidM1317-08-2009Keyboard (Piano)SaxophoneClarinet
021MercyF1130-Nov-2011Traveling BoxWhite Sneakers (39)Bus
022DestinyM825-Mar-2014White Sneakers (EU 33)Pressing IronToys
023HopeF1311-Aug-2009White or Black Sneakers (EU 39)ClothesBus
024ArinzeM924-09-2013White Sneakers (EU 37)Scorer KitArtist Kit
025BlessingF1327-May-2009Black Sneakers (EU 39)Story BooksBus
027PromiseM1208-Jul-2010ClothesPressing IronWhite Sneakers (39)
028DavidM723-Oct-2015ClothesBlack Sneakers (EU 33)Bicycle
029BlessingF1214-May-2010Sneakers (EU 38)BicycleToy
030ChideraF1311-Dec-2009Complete Track SuitSneakers (39)Handbag
031TemitopeF1330-Sep-2009Sewing MachineFootball KitWhite Sneakers (EU 40)
033TaiwoF728-Dec-2014GownShoes (EU 36)Handbag
034KehindeF728-Dec-2014GownShoes (EU 36)Toys
035DeborahF813-Feb-2014Up and DownHandbagWristwatch
036SemiloreF814-Nov-2014GownShoes (EU 29)Doll
037DavidM1106-Apr-2011BicycleSkinny JeansToys
038AdebayoM1307-Dec-2008JerseyShoes (EU 40)Smart Watch
039JohnM1203-Jan-2010JerseyShoes (EU 39)Wristwatch
040DavidM1306-Apr-2008BicycleWristwatchShoes (EU 42)
041SundayM1329-Dec-2008Adidas Shark Shoes (EU 40)ClothesBicycle
042OscarM1321-Jun-2009HeadphonesSmart WatchShoes (EU 43)

If you would like to buy any of the listed Bloomer’s gift when updated, please note the “BLOOMER CODE NUMBER e.g. 001” and fill the wishlist form, leave a note on the Contact Us page or send an email to info@thebloomstory.org mentioning the Bloomer’s code number and we will contact you.

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